Generating Surrogate Brain Maps

Base Implementation

Base(x, D[, deltas, kernel, pv, nh, …])

Base implementation of map generator.

Sampled Implementation

Sampled(x, D, index[, ns, pv, nh, knn, b, …])

Sampling implementation of map generator.

Variogram Evaluation

base_fit(x, D[, nsurr, return_data])

Evaluate variogram fits for Base class.

sampled_fit(x, D, index[, nsurr, return_data])

Evaluate variogram fits for Sampled class.

Smoothing Kernels


Exponentially decaying kernel which truncates at e^{-1}.


Gaussian kernel which truncates at one standard deviation.


Inverse distance kernel.


Uniform (i.e., distance independent) kernel.

Creating Memory-Mapped Arrays

txt2memmap(dist_file, output_dir[, …])

Export distance matrix to memory-mapped array.


Load a memory-mapped array.

Statistical Methods

pearsonr(X, Y)

Multi-dimensional Pearson correlation between rows of X and Y.

pairwise_r(X[, flatten])

Compute pairwise Pearson correlations between rows of X.

nonparp(stat, dist)

Compute two-sided non-parametric p-value.